Feedback from people who have heard Greg's presentations:

"Greg helped me see things I couldn't see myself."

"Entertaining, informative, and lots of energy!"

"I felt like I was on one of his adventures with him, along for the ride. Absolutely amazing!"

I'm not a motivational speaker, but instead, a catalyst for change. I will help your audience realize the power within themselves to transform dreams into realities and get the most out of every effort.

I can help your company, group, conference guests, or corporate team help build better relationships...get more enthused about projects...improve an hour or two of high-energy fun and adventure.

I'll share secrets that have helped me _______

Some of the topics available for your group:

Creating Your Future -- I'm often asked how I get to travel to so many international destinations and compete in endurance sports events in spectacular places. The simple answer is, "I create my own future." I set goals and put things in place in order to accomplish them. We will talk about strategies on how to create your own future in your personal and professional life. You will leave our time together with specific strategies you can use to enhance your business, improve your relationships, and generally find more joy in daily life.

The Difference Between Pain and Discomfort -- There's a fine line between discomfort we suffer and true physical pain. But most people aren't mentally tough enough to know where the difference lies. Instead, they simply give up when the going gets tough. I'll share strategies I've used in my experiences as an adventurer and endurance athlete on how to distinguish between pain and discomfort on both physical and mental levels. You will learn techniques that can be applied to uncomfortable moments in life and used to transform the negative into the positive.

Focusing on Today -- One of the most important lessons I've taken away from 27 years in endurance sports is the importance of living in the moment. Some people call it "being present" or simply "focusing on each step." Whatever it's called, the technique is critical to maximizing performance in the athletic arena, in the board room, or behind the counter. I will share specific strategies on how you can use the past as a guide, plan for the future with confidence, yet still remain firmly planted in the moment to get the most from your efforts.